Welcome to the Sophia School - a natural dynamism of Wisdom, Health and Life.

  • Vital Life – Achieve Your Health Potential

    Vital Life – Achieve Your Health Potential

  • Vital Health – Work With The Flow Of Nature

    Vital Health – Work With The Flow Of Nature

  • Vital Wisdom – Take The Path To Natural Health

    Vital Wisdom – Take The Path To Natural Health

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Reki TteatmentIt is all about Natural Health!

The Sophia School and The Natural Health Clinic  provides high-quality professional treatment and professional training in natural medicine. Our ethos is purely about inner vitality, true positivity and clear support. Our aim is to provide natural health care that is sustainable, works alongside other treatment and medications you may be using, as well as providing high level help in the changing needs of today’s illnesses. We bring this ethos and aim into our School and in to The Natural Health Clinic to ensure we are delivering …with a difference.

The School

Sophia means ‘wisdom’. In our current age of fast living, fast foods and fast needs to be met, it has meant that our health has been ignored. At the Sophia School, we feel that the wisdom we have within us can transform our health and subsequently our lives. By addressing our health needs we shift into a balanced life, with clear thinking and clear actions. We believe that Vital Wisdom and Vital Health are part of the golden thread running through a Vital Life. This golden thread allows us to connect with our human potential.

Nutrition Diploma

Nutrition Diploma Course

Nutrition is an important factor in our everyday health and well-being. We cannot maintain and sustain a healthy inner and outer world unless we have good quality nutrition and well-being.

At the Sophia School we provide you with a firm grounding and professional training on Nutritional Medicine through classroom teaching and high quality Lecturers, content and Clinical training.

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Homeopathy Training 


Our Training School offers both professional and short courses in Nutrition, Homeopathy, Inner Foundations and Reiki. With the wider understanding of our modern world, our courses are both classical and contemporary. We provide strong foundations in knowledge, research skills and the ability to work across disciplines. Our School provides a diverse yet specialist curriculum, drawing on good practice methods and approaches. This does not effect the spiritual and healing dimensions of our work, but adds to training standards.

Our training allows for awareness, understanding and, if you are considering a professional course, a bright new direction with a new fulfilling career.

The Natural Health Clinic

Our Natural Health Treatment Clinic   which is separate from our training School, is also based at Edith Lewis House, Weleda UK in Derbyshire. We are open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm and Saturdays 10am to 4pm.

Our Clinic prides itself on high quality, professional treatment in Nutrition, Homeopathy, Inner Foundations Therapy (copyright 2013) and Reiki. All our Practitioners are qualified, experienced and fully insured in their field. We work closely and respectfully with our wider medical colleagues, ensuring that we provide supportive approaches to patients at all times.

Sophia School Events

As part of The Sophia School training, we also offer Events for the qualified natural health professional or those in student status, by way of continuing professional development (CPD), as well as awareness talks, short courses and foundation courses for the public.